The greater the weight, the lower the price: new reduced tariffs for the transportation of palletized cargo

Delivery team announces new tariffs for the transportation of goods on pallets! The updates, which have become part of the company's strategy for continuous improvement of services, include: a significant reduction in tariffs, a revision of the kilogram grading system and a new approach to pricing that will provide greater benefits to customers! The new tariffs will be effective from November 21, 2023.

Price reduction by 4.7% on average
The main change in the new tariffs is a 4.7% reduction in the cost of palletized cargo transportation, which is 34% more profitable in the competitive environment of logistics services. With the new tariffs, you save up to UAH 500 per pallet.

New gradation by kilograms of pallets American-1,2
An additional step towards updating the cost is to increase the grid by the number of kilograms per palletized cargo, namely, positions for 600, 700, 900 and 1000 kg are added. This will reduce transportation prices, meaning that you will not have to overpay for kilograms within the "gap" of a large gradation.

For example, for a 550 kg pallet in the Kyiv-Dnipro direction, you used to have to pay UAH 2,440, and according to the new tariff, it will be UAH 1,920. You will save 520 UAH!

More weight, less price per 1 kg
The most interesting part of the updates is the new approach to pricing. Now, the greater the weight of the pallet, the lower the price per 1 kg. This will allow business customers to optimize the cost of transportation by shipping larger consignments. For example, for a 300 kg Euro pallet, the price is UAH 2.1/1 kg, and for a 1250 kg Euro pallet, the price is UAH 1.2/1 kg.

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