DELIVERY services

Delivering goods in Ukraine



  • Delivery company transports cargo from a warehouse located in the city of the sender to a warehouse located in the city of the recipient.
  • The company's clients send and receive in representative offices.


  • Delivery company delivers cargo from the address specified by the sender to the warehouse located in the recipient's city. About the need to pick up the goods by a representative of the company, the sender must notify the manager in advance by phone or make an application by filling out the form online on the site.
  • Delivery of cargo to the recipient is carried out in the representative office. Picking up cargo from the specified address is a separate service that is paid according to the tariffs of the Delivery company.


  • Delivery company delivers cargo from a warehouse located in the city of the sender to the address of the consignee, which was specified by the sender when filling out the application. The company's manager will call the recipient and agree on a convenient time.
  • Delivery to the specified address in the city of the recipient is a separate service and it is paid additionally.


  • Delivery company delivers cargo between the sender's and recipient's addresses. The recipient must notify the employee of the need for delivery to the door by phone or by filling out an online form on the official website. He also indicates the address of the consignee, who will be notified by phone of the arrival of the goods, as well as to agree on a time.
  • Pick-up and delivery of goods to the address are paid additionally.

Services of companies


Worldwide cargo delivery


International transportation is provided by Delivery International . You can learn more about the company's services at link.

Delivery International carries out international delivery of any cargo, to any point of the world. Delivery of groupage and small cargoes is especially profitable.

  • By road;
  • By air;
  • By rail;
  • Sea containers.

Services are available to individuals, legal entities and private entrepreneurs. Our clients receive a full range of transport and logistics and customs brokerage services, as well as cargo insurance services. We offer individuals international delivery of personal belongings by air and road.

  • Advantages of international delivery with Delivery International
  • Delivery can be made to almost any destination
  • Delivery by various modes of transport
  • Delivery of goods of any size, volume and weight
  • Provision of customs brokerage services
  • Provision of insurance services
  • Cargo location control
  • Loyal pricing policy and fixed tariffs

If you want to transport cargo, get the cost of transportation and terms of service, get advice, contact our specialists. Just dial +38 (067) 557-88-74 and ask your questions.

You can also place an application on the website or write to us via the feedback form, indicating your phone number and the essence of the question. We will provide you with maximum assistance and answers to any of your questions regarding the international delivery of goods.


Individual insurance


In order to reduce the possible material losses of our customers, since August 2012, Delivery, together with the insurance company Quorum, has developed and implemented a special program of individual cargo insurance. You can learn more about Quorum 's services at link.

The service of individual cargo insurance at "Delivery" LLC is provided to any client who has expressed a desire to insure his cargo, under the following conditions: when delivering cargo within the territory of Ukraine: up to UAH 999.99 — UAH 8; from UAH 1,000 to UAH 4,999, UAH 99 — 0.7%; from UAH 5,000 to UAH 149,999, UAH 99 — 0.45%; from UAH 150,000 and above — 0.65%. 1.05% - mandatory when sending cargo to/from the Company's representative offices to cities where active hostilities are taking place, as well as within a radius of 50 km from these cities. The cargo can be insured directly upon its shipment - the client must declare his desire to insure the cargo and declare the value of the cargo. Or the client can conclude a general insurance contract, the availability of which allows to insure all the goods sent, provided that the value of the goods at the time of shipment is indicated. If the value of the cargo is not indicated, the cargo is not insured and the insurance fee is not charged.

Packaging is very important to ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation. The presence and conformity of cargo packaging is of particular importance in its insurance. Delivery attaches great importance to packaging that ensures the integrity of the cargo and its safe transportation. Metal and wooden containers, corrugated boxes, sandwich panels, palletizing and additional packaging are used to transport goods at the offices. We are interested in ensuring that the packaging is reliable and ensures maximum safety of the transported cargo. After all, this can significantly reduce the risks and, consequently, reduce the cost of insurance for a regular customer, which will allow you to insure the goods transported and save on insurance premiums.

Delivery continues to work to improve the safety of cargo transportation, as well as to minimize costs for customers with individual cargo insurance, and we are confident that in the future we will be able to interest many of our customers more than once with new offers and additional services.


Freight of cars


Car freight is provided by DelTruck . You can learn more about the company's services at link.

DelTruck is a modern safe and always reliable way to transport a large consignment of cargo, in which each stage of the process is under your control, whether it is a machine order, loading or transportation. The cargo will get to the right place on time, and for this you pay a very reasonable price.

Why shipping DelTruck is your best bet?

Because DelTruck is a new stage in the development of full freight services, which were previously provided under the Delivery-Auto brand by Delivery, a leading freight company in Ukraine.

Because this service has been developed according to all modern standards of safety and reliability.

Because the success of our customers is our main value.

Because we always have all the necessary resources to ensure truly competent and quality transportation.

Because hundreds of DelTruck customers are already convinced of the correctness of their choice.

Trust your cargo to a company with a high level of reliability in transportation, and your business will work without additional complications. Entrust us with the constant transportation of large consignments and make sure that the partnership with professionals is always effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Additional services


Address pick-up / delivery of cargo


Automatic return of cargo


Automatic return of cargo is an automatic return of cargo in case of Recipient's refusal to collect the cargo. The cargo will be returned to the branch from which the shipment was sent after a certain period of time approved by the sender.

    The service can be used by clients:

  • Legal entities on the basis of the contract of transport-forwarding services (TFS) and a letter to connect the service "Automatic return of cargo";
  • Natural persons, on the basis of the conclusion of the TEF Agreement and a letter on connection to the "Automatic return of cargo" service.

    Peculiarities of "Automatic return of cargo" service provision:

  • Cargo return is performed through the formation of a receipt with the type of "Automatic return of cargo", the payment for carriage is charged in accordance with the standards of the forwarded cargo;
  • Cost of "Automatic return of cargo" service for customers - 0 UAH;
  • Using the service "Transfer" of the receipts between the cities with active service "Automatic return of cargo" is prohibited.

    How to activate the service "Automatic return of cargo":

  • Sign a contract to provide Transportation and Forwarding Services (TFS);
  • Send a letter with a request to activate the Automatic return of cargo service and indicate the number of days (up to 7 days) for the return of cargo to the forwarding warehouse.

Sample Letter




Delivery company is very responsible for the integrity of the cargo entrusted to it. Packaging is one of the factors that affects the integrity of the cargo during transportation. Therefore, the issue of packing the sent items in our company is approached very carefully.

We use packaging materials of eight types, which differ in size, materials and level of rigidity. Depending on the type of transported cargo, we choose the appropriate packaging material and coordinate its use with the customer. You can see the types of packaging material we use in the table below. Here is information on what types of cargo each specific type of packaging is used.

Delivery also works with oversized cargo and offers its customers individual packaging options.

We guarantee that the items sent by us will reach the recipient in full.

You can get acquainted with packing tariffs at link.


Returning of packaging materials and documents


If your company does not have offices in the regions, and the order in the primary documentation is an extremely important point in its work, we are ready to help you. Transport company "Delivery" offers you a service for returning documents.

It is very easy to order. It is enough to inform our manager that you want to receive a copy of the agreement, TTN, power of attorney or other documents signed by the recipient, and the rest we will do for you. Delivery specialists will make sure that the person who came for the cargo signs the necessary documents and they are sent to your address. Thus, sending the cargo, you will soon be able to get your hands on the papers you need. The duration of the return delivery of documents depends on the distance of the destination.

The document return service is an opportunity for every entrepreneur to carry out efficient and correct document circulation in his company. With us - you save time, nerves and money.

Dear customers! We draw your attention to the fact that you can order this service only if you arrange the delivery of goods.

If you ship in pallets, we can return them if necessary.

You can get acquainted with the rates for the return of documents and pallets here link.


Information services


If you need a copy of your baggage claim, we will be happy to help.

To issue this document, send your application, indicating the receipt number, in one of the following ways

The application processing time is 14 days.

Both the sender and the consignee can apply.


Ban on delivery of cargo


Prohibition of cargo release is an additional service that prohibits the release of cargo without the direct permission of the sender.

The service can be used by both individuals and legal entities.

How to set or remove the "Prohibition of Issuance" on a receipt?

  • Through the mobile application. In the main menu, go to the required receipt, click on the pencil in the upper right corner, select the item " Issuance prohibited" and enter the confirmation code from SMS.
  • In your personal account. In the "Receipts" section, go to the Journal of receipts and select the required receipt. Go to the editing mode, select the item "Prohibition of issuance" and enter the confirmation code from SMS.
  • At the branch. When issuing a receipt, tell the branch operator that you want to prohibit the delivery of cargo. It is necessary to provide the Sender's phone number and the data of one of the documents: passport, ID card, foreign passport or driver's license.
  • Through the application. The sender writes the application and sends it to e-mail .
    If the application is submitted by an individual, a document must be attached: passport, ID card, foreign passport or driver's license (one photo or a scan copy with the application).
    If the application is submitted by a legal entity, the application is made on a company letterhead, which is certified by the signature and seal of the legal entity.
    Sample statement

The service is installed and removed in the same order.

Please note that this service can be added with any receipt status, except for "Issued" and "Courier on delivery".

How to allow or prohibit the inspection of the cargo on the receipt with "Prohibition of issue"?

  • Through the mobile application. In the main menu, go to the required receipt, click on the pencil in the upper right corner, select the item " Cargo review" and you need to confirm your action.
  • In your personal account. In the "Receipts" section, go to the Journal of receipts and select the required receipt. Go to the editing mode, select the "Cargo review" item, and you need to confirm your action.
  • Through the statement. The sender writes a statement with permission to inspect the cargo by receipt number and sends it to e-mail .
    If the application is submitted by an individual, a document must be attached: passport, ID card, foreign passport or driver's license (one photo or a scan copy with the application).
    If the application is submitted by a legal entity, the application is made on a company letterhead, which is certified by the signature and seal of the legal entity.
    Sample statement

Permission and disallowance of inspection occur in the same order.

Please note that permission or prohibition of inspection of the cargo is available only after connecting the service "Issuance prohibition". In other cases, this option is not available.

Peculiarities of providing the service of address delivery of goods in case of "Prohibition of delivery":

  • the cargo is inspected by the Receiver in the receiving department;
  • address delivery is possible only after the Sender has lifted the "Issue Ban";
  • after the lifting of the "Prohibition on Issuance" address delivery will be made within 24 hours, except in cases of postponement of the date at the request of the client.

Other services




Delivery is actively developing in the corporate sector, every month 150,000 customers send and receive cargo at our offices throughout Ukraine.

Our company focuses on the business of our customers and helps to develop, optimize and increase it.

For the convenience of promoting goods and services at the company's offices are racks for promotional products. You can always inform your customers about the products, services, news and discounts. You can provide information with business cards, booklets, leaflets, brochures, commercial offers.

Delivery is always ready to support the business of customers and place information about you and your services both in the format of advertising stands and in an individually designed format.

Business partners are always ready for joint development and success.


Safe custody


Responsible cargo storage is a ready-made solution for cargo storage and escort. Optimize costs for construction or lease of warehouse space, security, personnel. Pay only for the space occupied by your product and use the full range of company services at Delivery offices.

    Benefits of using responsible storage services by the Delivery company:

  • all warehouses are equipped with alarm systems with output to security points;
  • availability of loading and unloading equipment;
  • the company's warehouses are located in the immediate vicinity of the main routes, with convenient access roads;
  • warehouses are equipped to store various types of cargo, including large, heavy and bulky;

    Additional Responsible Storage Services included in our offer:

  • loading and unloading works;
  • cargo packing for storage and transportation;
  • address collection and delivery of goods;
  • individual cargo insurance for the period of transportation and storage;
  • job placement for your employee. Power and Internet connections are included in the price per m².

The service is available for legal entities and individuals.

Available spaces and rates can be found on the service page "Responsible cargo storage".


Personal manager


For active customers who send or receive cargo over 5 tons per month, the Company "Delivery Group" provides special terms of service, namely the services of a personal manager.

A personal manager assigned to your company will help you solve any current issues related to cooperation with the Delivery Group. You can find out the phone number and email of the personal manager in your personal account or in the mobile application.

Send and receive even more shipments from Delivery Group and take advantage of special terms of service.


Development of industry solutions


For high-quality cargo transportation it is necessary to adhere to the conditions of reliable packaging. In order for the cargo to arrive intact and undamaged, the packaging must meet individual and industry needs. This fact has increased the need to develop industry-leading options for cost-effective packaging, the main goal - functionality and commercial attractiveness for customers. Company

Delivery offers a wide selection of packaging materials and industry packaging, which allow you to make the optimal choice directly for your products. The use of industry packaging will minimize the risks of transporting fragile goods.

Today 2 types of branch packing are widely demanded:

Sandwich Panel is a rigid package that saves cargo during transportation. The cargo is packed on both sides with sheets of double-layer corrugated cardboard and OSB boards, the structure is fastened with tie tapes, which allows to secure the cargo during transportation.

One sandwich panel can accommodate 5 doors.

Furniture container is a rigid box made of OSB, which closes tightly on all sides, with a rigid frame. This type of packaging is widely used for the transportation of cabinet furniture, chrome products, bulk materials in paper packaging, ceramics.

The volume of the furniture container is -2m³.

The packaging, designed taking into account the specifics of your cargo, allows you to safely transport and store various types of cargo.

Delivery is always open to dialogue with customers. We are ready to develop packing exclusively for your cargo.