Temporary suspension of representative offices

Dear customers!

Please note that the following offices are temporarily closed:

  • From September 1 to 20, representative office #19 in Kyiv.
  • From September 1, representative office #2 in Novomoskovk.
  • From September 8, a representative office in Beregomet, Chernivtsi region.
  • From August 29, a representative office in the city of Yagotyn, Kyiv region.

All goods that were not issued earlier in the city of Yagotyn can be received at the branch at the address: Kyiv region, Boryspil, str. Golovatogo, 83. Telephone number: 067 620 74 83 

You can use the nearest representative office or you can order address collection or delivery by phone: 0 800 509 609.

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