Responsible cargo storage for your business

Responsible cargo storage is a ready-made solution for cargo storage and escort. Optimize costs for construction or lease of warehouse space, security, personnel. Pay only for the space occupied by your product and use the full range of company services at Delivery offices.

Advantages of using the services of responsible storage by the Delivery company:

• all warehouses are equipped with alarm systems with output to security points;

• availability of loading and unloading equipment;

• the company's warehouses are located in the immediate vicinity of the main routes, with convenient access roads;

• warehouses are equipped to store various types of cargo, including large, heavy and bulky ones.

Additional responsible storage services included in our offer:

• loading and unloading operations;

• packaging of cargo for storage and transportation;

• address pickup and delivery of goods;

• individual cargo insurance for the period of transportation and storage;

• placing a workplace for your employee. Power and Internet connections are included in the price per m².

The service is available for legal entities and individuals.

Available spaces and rates can be found on the "Responsible cargo storage" service page