Delivery reduces delivery time by 24 hours

Dear customers!
We are pleased to announce that despite a number of difficulties, including disruptions in fuel supply, the logistics company Delivery is reducing the time of delivery of goods by 24 hours in all directions of cargo transportation. We still use an additional 24 hours in terms of delivery, but the company continues to develop and implement effective steps to return the delivery times that were in effect before the war. This is a priority for the company's transport department. We remind you that Delivery customers have the opportunity to track the tracking of cargo in the personal account and in the mobile application Delivery. See how easy and simple it is to create receipts with these services and submit applications for collection or delivery of goods, analyze the status of receipts in a convenient form for you - tabular or card; monitor unpaid bills and the status of official investigations, make changes to receipts.
Delivery is working to expand its services to its customers and is preparing to launch a new financial service soon.
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