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Dear customers!

Our team of specialists continues to work on updating the site for your easy and convenient management of logistics operations.

In order to preserve and protect personal data of customers, the company "Delivery" from April 20 introduces limited access to confidential information on the receipt of unregistered users.

Authorized users and their subsidiaries (related parties) who are directly related to the receipt and are the Sender, Recipient or Payer of the receipt will have full access to viewing the information.

Unauthorized users will have limited access to the information on the receipt.

To view the complete information on the receipt, you need to log in through your personal account or mobile application.

You can get additional information from the personal manager, whose contact phone number and e-mail are listed in the card of the client's personal account on the Company's website or mobile application and by calling the hotline.

Register in your personal account! Download the Delivery mobile application and evaluate its benefits!

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