Send Bumpers - profitably! Extension of the "Avtomotoprice" tariff

Dear customers!

Delivery expands the industry tariff "Avtomotoprice"! From now on, the tariff includes a new category - "Bumpers". 

Send and receive car bumpers even cheaper, paying only for a single piece of cargo, regardless of weight and volume.

Small bumper.
Price: 180 UAH in the city, 350 UAH in Ukraine
Weight: up to 12 kg
Maximum volume: 0,38 м3

Large bumper.
Price: 350 UAH in the city, 700 UAH in Ukraine
Weight: up to 15 kg
Maximum volume: 0,90 м3

"Avtomotoprice was developed for manufacturers and distributors of auto parts, as well as car enthusiasts. It applies to the shipment of: truck and car tires and wheels, auto canisters and barrels, batteries, mufflers, gas cylinder equipment, auto parts. 

Advantages of the industry tariff:

⠀ Free processing 
Single price for delivery across the country 
Payment is made per unit of cargo, not by weight or volume 

You can learn more about the tariff on the "Automotive Price" page