Delivery chatbot in Viber: your assistant in cargo transportation

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Delivery chatbot in Viber messenger! This chatbot was created to ensure convenient and fast cooperation with us. You can find it at

The main features of the Delivery chatbot include:

Calling a courier: Now you can easily create a request for address pickup or delivery in a few clicks.

Communication with the operator. Now you can get advice from our specialists in three areas:

- Hotline. No matter what questions you have, our operators are ready to help you quickly and efficiently.

- Customer service. We provide detailed advice on issues in this area.

- Targeted service. Do you need help with a delivery or pickup service or changes to it? We are here to support you!
Branch search. Now you can find the nearest branch in two convenient ways:

- Geolocation. Just submit your location and we will show you the nearest branches.

- Search by city name. You can search for branches in a specific city to find the most convenient pickup point.

Tracking: Get up-to-date information on the status of your shipments and details of receipts and claims to stay on top of things.

Tariffs: Get up-to-date information about the current rates for our services to make the most profitable choice for your business.

Cooperation: Get access to the TEP (Transportation and Forwarding Services) contract and conveniently send all the necessary documents for cooperation.